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Newest Nursing Career Article. Continuing Education for Nurses
Newest Nursing Career Article. You have finished school. You found a job that allows you to use your skills. Now your supervisor wants you to take more classes? You read...
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Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Healthcare Field

Perks and Benefits of a Health Career Working in the Healthcare industry offers many rewards and benefits. Find out more about what you'll gain by pursuing a career in Healthc...

By: Andrea Santiago

Why You Should Go for Travel Nursing Employment

Why do professional nurses wish to find travel nursing employment? What could travel nursing employment offer that regular nursing jobs can’t match? If you’ve been offered travel nursing employment and yet, you&rs...

By: John Furnem

Forensic Nursing As A Career

Speculation on the cause of the recent surge of interest in Forensic Nursing varies but most agree the leading source of information leading to this expanding career choice is the popularity of the TV shows relating to crime ...

By: Linda Raye

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Lean business approach helps hospitals run more efficiently

Implementing a well-established business approach allowed physicians to shave hours off pediatric patient discharges without affecting readmission rates, according to researchers at Penn State...

Internal Medicine residency match in 2015 increases slightly from last year

The number of U.S. senior medical students choosing internal medicine residencies increased by about 5 percent in 2015.

Survey finds doctors want to learn more about diet and cardiovascular disease...

Study from NYU Langone Medical Center shows that nutrition is rated as important as statins for preventing heart diseaseMost physicians are aware of the importance of lifestyle factors in...

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